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Pat AndrewsPat Andrews

Mrs. Andrews has been working with children since 1980 when she first began teaching swimming while studying at University. In 1988 her career in public education began in Waterloo Region and has included teaching children from kindergarten to grade 10, in Waterloo, Toronto, Australia and Essex County. Mrs. Andrews was the owner and educator of Kindermusik Creations East for 10 years. She has offered an in-home preschool program and was also head teacher in Natural Pathways Learning Centre at its inception. When Mrs. Andrews three sons attended Lakeview Montessori School, she offered music and movement classes there as well. She is currently owner and educator with Pat Andrews Educational Consulting offering education therapy for private clients. She is the Music and Movement teacher at Bright Child Montessori School. As well, Mrs. Andrews has completed certification in Forest School Canada Practitioner Training and is the current Executive Director and Lead Educator for Natural Pathways Learning Centre

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Joceyln McNeely: Growing up in the wilds of Vancouver Island Jocelyn enjoyed her childhood exploring the forests behind her house, building forts and just being a curious kid, fortunate enough to be able to explore freely. Along with her love of being in nature, Jocelyn developed a love of working with children at an early age and knew she wanted to be a teacher as soon as she could. Moving to Windsor in 2003 to complete a BA in History with a minor in Geography from The University f Windsor Jocelyn completed the first part of her goal. In 2009 Jocelyn moved to London, England to complete a teaching certificate at Roehampton University to complete her goal of becoming a teacher. Teaching grades 4-12 in London and the Midlands from 2010-2014 Jocelyn’s love of teaching and working with the more ‘challenging’ students grew greatly. In 2015 Jocelyn became an Ontario Certified Teacher and moved back to Windsor, Ontario with a small family in tow. After a chance meeting in 2015 Jocelyn started her journey towards working as a Forest School Practitioner. Combining her love of nature, love of teaching and the realisation that children today have limited opportunities to freely explore nature spaces. Jocelyn has been working as an educator, with Natural Pathways, since Sept 2016 and started her Forest School Practitioners course in June 2017. Jocelyn is looking forward to connecting more kids and adults with the natural spaces in Windsor and Essex County and exploring them herself too. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello! My name is Sam Gaudette and I am so grateful to be able to explore and learn about nature with your children, as teaching and interacting with children is one of my greatest passions. Since a child I have always admired the outdoors, my connection with nature has taught me a lot about the world and myself and so I think it is so crucial for children to have this experience. I am currently in the Concurrent Program at the University of Windsor, majoring in English and French. I also have my ESL certification and am going to be attaining my Forest Practitioners certification this summer. I am always eager to meet new forest friends and go on adventures! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ally Scaman All of her life, Ally has loved nature and spending time in the outdoors. Growing up on a farm in southwestern Ontario, she holds a deep appreciation for nature, which inspired her education choices and career path. At Natural Pathways, she hopes to inspire the same love and appreciation for our natural world in others. Ally completed her Bachelor of Science from the University of Windsor with Honours in Environmental Studies where she concentrated in Resource Management and was actively involved in undergraduate research. During her undergraduate degree, Ally also worked at El Porvenir, a school in San Lorenzo, Guatemala where she helped build a clean, reliable water supply, allowing longer school days and fewer learning interruptions. Ally plans to begin a Masters degree in Environment and Sustainability at Western University in September of 2019 where she hopes to further explore the factors that contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment. Outside of academia, Ally enjoys hiking, camping and spending her summers on the beach in Prince Edward Island.